You can be the plant Doctor who saves them

It’s a jungle out there and plants need health care just like humans. Keeping your vegetables disease free is an ongoing effort. An effort that employs multiple methods makes this chore easier. The first rule of doctoring is do no harm. Here are some disease control tips to help you heal your plants.


To start with good soil preparation and proper seed selection is essential to produce healthy plants. If you plant seeds, read the back side of those envelopes for instructions on how, when and where to plant. If you transplant, picking healthy plants will keep disease from being introduced and spread. Do some triage (inspection) and remove any diseased plant before it can infect others nearby.


The earlier the better. This gives the leaves a chance to dry before nighttime temperatures set in. The time and methods by which you apply water can influence the spread of disease in other ways. Water splashed off one plant onto another exposes the ones nearby to any disease the first one carries. It’s like being near a person with a cold who sneezes into the air spraying the germs everywhere. Even rainfall will produce the same effect to some degree.

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